115 Charges Filed Against Group Accused Of Leaving Hate Symbols At Churches

Authorities in New York have arrested three people accused of leaving white supremacist materials at several places in Hornell, including a church and a synagogue.

The Hornell Police Department said that Aubrey Dragonetti, 31, Dylan Henry, 30, and Ryan Mulhollen, 27, were each charged with 115 counts of aggravated harassment, a Class E felony.

Mulhollen and Henry previously served time in state prison. Mulhollen was jailed on drug charges, while Henry spent time in prison following a conviction for attempted assault and burglary.

Officials said that the materials included pamphlets, leaflets, stickers with swastikas, racial slurs, and references to the Aryan National Army, which the Anti Defamation League describes as “one of the country’s best-known enclaves of anti-Semitism and white nationalism.”

The racist and anti-Semitic materials shocked the small city of Hornell, which has a population of just 8,300 people.

“The City of Hornell is a very close-knit, welcoming, and accepting community, and there is absolutely no room for this type of hate or any other here,” Hornell Mayor John J. Buckley said. “These are three misguided individuals who have hate in their hearts. This is something that is not reflective of Hornell.”

The FBI assisted in the investigation, though it is unclear if the trio will also face federal charges.

After their arraignment, Henry was denied bail, while Dragonetti and Mulhollen were released without bail.

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