$100,000 In Stolen Goods Found In Underground Bunker At Homeless Encampment

Authorities in California discovered an underground bunker filled with guns, ammunition, and over $100,000 worth of stolen goods hidden in a homeless encampment.

The San Jose Police Department said that investigators found the bunker while following up on leads from a commercial burglary that occurred earlier in the week. The bunker was built into the side of a creek and was even wired with electricity.

“There are a lot of smart people living down there,” San Jose Police Sergeant Christian Camarillo said. “It takes skill with engineering, construction to build something like that.”

Inside the bunker, officers found dozens of power tools, construction equipment, three shotguns, and several boxes of ammunition. They also located several commercial vehicles which had been stolen several hours earlier.

Six suspects, who all lived on the streets, were taken into custody and face “a variety of charges.”

Ashley King told KGO that thefts have been an ongoing problem for people living in the area, noting that her family’s construction site has been targeted four times in the past six months.

“The most alarming thing, aside from the frequency, is how powerless people feel,” King told the news station.

“There comes a point where you have to kind of choose one of two options. You either decide to just ignore it so that you can feel safe and happy living in your own neighborhood. And pretend it’s not happening,” King added. “Or you can become really suspicious of what’s going on around you.”

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